Q. Do I have to make an appointment?

A. Yes, NDBC requires you to make an appointment prior to coming into our clinics. This is largely due to insurance reasons and verifying your insurance is accepted at our clinics.

Q. How long before I can get into your clinic?

A. We generally have appointments available within a week, and earlier in some cases. Each location can be more or less busy at certain times of the year. Often times, you may be able to get into the clinic system faster, by having your initial Physician Evaluation at one clinic, and your remaining clinic visits with the Audiologist or Physical/Occupational therapists at a location of your choosing. Please call the central scheduling number at 952-345-3000 they will be glad to help you try and figure our a plan for you.

Q. Do you take my insurance? What insurances do you take?

A. We participate with most insurance carriers, including Auto, and Workers Compensation. Please visit the Insurance Plan page in the About Us section, for a compete list of all insurances we currently accept.

Q. Why do you charge a late or cancel fee?

A. NDBC is a privately owned, not subsidized medical clinic system. We can only staff a limited amount of providers at each location, to ensure our expenses don't overwhelm us. We have a limited amount of appointments for all our patients in the Twin Cities communities, and its highly important that all patients attend their appointments to keep their treatment plans on schedule as much as possible. This ensures all patients who would like to have an evaluation and treatment at NDBC is given their opportunity in a timely manner, and treatment plans are not delayed for those wanting to get into our clinics. For every missed or late appointment, we are loosing that time for another patient who is needing our services. We do understand that life events happen, and sometimes you cannot avoid these things, we require you to call and reschedule your appointment, as to make it open to another patient.

Q. Why can't I self refer into the Physcial or Occupational Therapy Department?

A. Due to recent passed medical laws and insurance restrictions, generally most plans require an order to receive specialist services in order for your insurance plan to reimburse for those services. Most of our programs here at NDBC require an initial visit with a physician to establish your treatment plan, schedule you with the correct NDBC providers, and make sure your problem is appropriate for the programs we offer. By requiring every patient to touch-base with a physician prior to any therapy appointments, if makes consistent care across all programs, and gives the other providers in our clinic they can continue with their specialty services in confidence.

Q. Do you offer self pay discounts? I don't have insurance.

A. Yes, we offer a 20% cash discount if paid at the time of your visit, or a 10% discount if your account is paid in full by the end of each billing month. Call the business office for more details and clarifications.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. We can setup a payment plan for you and your situation if needed. The details are:

Q. I would like my medical records sent to myself, or my clinic, how do I do that?

A. Please contact the business office and they will coordinate getting your records to where you need them.