Vision & Mission

From the time this clinical concept was first developed by Kenneth Ginkel in 2004 during his graduate program at the University of St. Thomas, his vision for the business was to provide the very best patient care in every aspect of the treatment process for dizziness and balance disorders. This currently wasn't available for this medical specialty and became an obsession of Ken's to build a clinical and business model that could achieve his vision.

This vision included providing the most detailed medical examinations, having the most advanced diagnostic testing capabilities, and a rehabilitation program that provides treatment beyond the normal physical therapy modalities. To make this vision become a reality, we have developed a mission statement and a set of core values that will guide National Dizzy & Balance Center towards achieving this vision.


We will become the standard that everyone else is compared to for the treatment of balance disorders.

Mission Statement:

We are in business to improve our patients' quality of life, not just provide a medical service. We will accomplish this by always creating a positive patient experience, continual development and research in our state-of-the-art diagnostic testing labs, and by developing and investing in our rehabilitation programs. This commitment to excellence and the development of patient relationships is what will make NDBC the standard that everyone else is compared to for the treatment of balance disorders.

NDBC Core Values:

Along with our commitment to the patient relationship, we have recognized a set of core values that guide our team towards a path of excellence. These core values must be exhibited to become a part of, and to stay within the NDBC team. 

• Success is measured daily.
• Always be excellent, not average.
• Every patient is a new opportunity for greatness.
• We don’t just treat patients, we build relationships.
• We celebrate our victories and have fun!