Dizziness and balance disorders can often be very complicated and difficult to diagnose and treat. This online medical guide was developed to be a general overview of the various common vestibular and neurological balance disorders and the current treatment options available.

At NDBC we believe in educating our patients so they can make an informed decision about their problem and have a better understanding of the entire balance and its function. We believe this is essential to the success of our program, because without patient support during treatment, it's hard to have great results.

 This Resource Guide is Organized into Ten Categories:

If you have any questions after reviewing this online resource guide, please call our office we would be happy to try answer all of your questions.

Legal Disclaimer: 
Due to the complexity of vestibular and neurological balance disorders, this online resource guide is not meant to direct patient care for the treatment of balance disorders, and therefore you should never direct your own medical treatment based on the contents of this web site. Please consult your doctor prior to making any medical decisions. Providers should not direct patient care based on the information contained herein, please do your own research and make educated decisions for your patients.