Athletic Training

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC's) are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions (NATA).

NDBC’s ATC's have further specialized training to work with our concussion athletes and patients. They have distinct training through the ImPACT Applications Inc. for concussion testing and are ITAT trained. Our Athletic Trainers also have additional training through the NDBC team of Physical Therapists, Audiologists and Medical Doctors. 

Our ATC's are integral part of all our "return to play" prgrams for all sports and general concussion prgrams. They peform our exertional testing for athelet's prior to returning to their individual sports. This is a very important part of the program, as athelets will often times show symptoms from their injury when pushed through exertional exercise at the end of their program, indicating if the athelete is indeed ready to return to their sport or maybe needs to wait longer. This final step in their program is essential to making accurate return to play decisions for atheletes and anyone in our concussion programs. 

NDBC's Athletic Trainer Services:

  • Athletic Training Services to Schools and Local Events
  • Baseline Concussion Testing
  • ImPACT Applications Inc
  • Concussion In-services
  • CDP Testing
  • BNA Testing
  • Exertional Therapy Programs
  • Community outreach - Informational Seminars to parents, school faculty, coaches and student athletes.

 For more information about our ATC program here at NDBC, please contact Lauren at 952-345-3000.


Teams/schools we have worked with: