Physical Therapy


In addition to our industry leading diagnostic testing capabilities, we also provide many physical therapy treatment services for our patients, including: vestibular rehabilitationbalance therapyconcussion therapytraumatic brain injury (TBI) therapy, and general muscle strengthening and reconditioning for our patients. The highlight of our rehabilitation programs is being able to utilize the use of our NeuroCom Smart EquiTest Posturography which can objectively measure a patient's three sensory inputs at one time.

At all NDBC clinics we utilize NeuroCom's Smart Equitest Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) for objectively measuring the functionality of our patients' three sensory inputs (visual, inner ear, sense of touch in feet) for baseline testing in our concussion program, and when they are entering our Vestibular and Neurological rehabilitation programs. This establishes a starting point for the patient for their rehabilitation program and enables us to re-test the patient after a month to see how they are progressing. This gives us immediate feedback on the overall effectiveness of a patient's individualized therapy program and helps us to fine tune each patient's program to maximize results.