Neurological Rehabilatation

At NDBC clinics we specialize in neurological rehabilitation for patients that have a balance or gait problem due to Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, brain injuries, car accidents, or from a stroke or TIA. People can also develop a neurological balance problem because of old age, physical deconditioning, medications, and diet. Because the effects of brain injury and other neurological disorders vary from person to person, our program provides treatment based on a personal plan of care for each individual.

Our program serves as an important link for individuals who were released from the hospital or home care setting, yet still have an identified need for rehabilitative services prior to their return to work, school, or normal life activities. Planning for the patient’s return to work, school, or normal life activities begins the day they enter the NDBC program at their physical therapy evaluation. Each patient's individual strengths, needs, and abilities are considered in setting the goals and objectives for their personalized neurological rehabilitation plan.

At NDBC, we have one distinct advantage over other general physical therapy clinics. We have the ability to use our Smart EquiTest system as an objective way to measure a patient's improvement in our neurological rehabilitation program. Once a program has been designed by one of our physical therapists, patients are tested on our Smart EquiTest system to establish a starting point for their neurological rehabilitation program. We can then use the Smart EquiTest as a progress indicator for our patients in therapy. This enables our therapists to fine tune each patient's treatment plan in real-time as they progress through their program. This advantage translates into better patient outcomes, more productive therapy sessions, decreased total program time, and lower costs.

To assist individuals in transferring the skills they have developed and learned in their neurological rehabilitation program at NDBC to real-life conditions, actual and simulated situations are utilized in therapy utilizing traditional therapy modalities and our Smart EquiTest System. This increases the patient's confidence in engaging in normal life activities again, and also exposes a patient's deficits before they endanger the patient when their program is complete.