Physician Evaluations

Dr_M_w-clipboard_v5.JPGOur medical evaluations are very thorough due to the complex nature of the human balance system. Our doctors look at each unique aspect of your balance system and try to identify the source of your vertigo, dizziness, or concussion. During your medical evaluation, one of our physicians will go over the Patient History & Dizziness Questionnaire and Dizziness Handicap Assessment that you are required to complete before your appointment. They will be trying to discover any obvious conditions like orthostatic hypotension, low blood sugar, medication conflictions, and dizziness as a symptom of other conditions you may be currently experiencing.

After your medical history has been reviewed, our physician will perform a physical examination to asses your balance system and your functional abilities. Your balance system consists of three sensory inputs to maintain proper balance. They are: touch (feet, ankles, joints), sight (eyes), and vestibular (inner ear system). These sensory inputs interact with the brain, which then drive and control our motor functions. Because of the complexity of the balance system, diagnosing a dizziness or balance problem and its specific cause can be difficult at times.

Based on your descriptions and exam results, our doctor will develop a working diagnosis. Depending on what our doctor determines may be the cause of your problems, our doctor may then order diagnostic tests designed to confirm the diagnosis. The diagnostic test results also determine how key components of your balance systems are functioning, and which systems may be the problem. If our doctor has ordered diagnostic tests for you, it's important that you read our medication guidelines at least 2 days before your scheduled tests.

There is a possibility that your problem does not have one specific cause. If no single cause can be identified, our physical therapist may design an exercise-based treatment program that can maximize your functional abilities and minimize disruptive symptoms. The good news is that there are a number of diagnostic tests that can be performed to more accurately determine the source of your dizziness or balance problem.

In order to provide you the best care, we ask that if you have any medical records appropriate for this medical evaluation, please have your doctor send them to our clinic prior to your initial appointment. These tests aid our doctor in making a more accurate diagnosis of your condition, but are not required to be seen here at NDBC. This includes past ENGs, EMGs, MRIs, CT scans, hearing tests, or any other related balance studies. If you don’t know how to obtain or send your medical records, call our office at (952) 345-3000 and we will be glad to help locate them for you.